This is an example of how water damage can destroy chips on circuit boards under the microscope. This happens when water sits too long, your best bet to save your device is to have it fixed immediately, we have specialized equipment and chemicals to accomplish this task, the chances of saving your device at this point is 90% success rate.

We also provide bulk discounts and wholesale prices for business that need quantities of logic board repairs, if your out of state we offer mail in repair services, but we require you to send complete machine plus shipping costs so proper testing can be done. 

This is our work station with advanced level equipment to get the job done. If for any reason we cannot fix your device you will not pay, we will not charge labor or any sort of extra fees. We stand behind our work and we do our best to make our customers very happy, satisfaction is a must our customers are first.

If you have any questions feel free to visit our contact page to send an email or contact us directly @(718)-825-6084 if you have mail in questions, visit our How-To page for answers.